The Property Block strives to help ex-military and ex-offenders that are struggling for employment

The Property Block strives to help ex-military and ex-offenders that are struggling for employment

Rapidly expanding property tech company, The Property Block, are striving to increase their ethical capacity by not just protecting the green belt while building affordable housing, but also by showing proactive compassion when it comes to its employment policy.

The Property Block has always had a policy of absolutely no employment discrimination regarding race, sex, age, gender, sexuality, or disability, but director Alex Hagan doesn’t believe that is enough. He is engaging the company in various schemes to proactively seek to employ those who may not be given a chance elsewhere. The Property Block strives to offer employment opportunities to those in difficult life circumstances by being an active employer of ex-armed forces members that are trying to resettle into civilian life and by providing opportunities for people from impoverished backgrounds and for ex-offenders who are looking for a second chance of living a productive life.

Co-directors Alex Hagan and Steven Beckett are currently in discussion with two organisations, Building heroes, and Building People to achieve their aims. Building Heroes focuses on resetting ex-military and giving them an opportunity to live a normal civilian life. In the UK, out of 952000 working-age military veterans, only 4% of them work in technology. This is 20% lower than the non-vet population.

The Property Block is also speaking with the organisation Building People who assist reformed ex-offenders with integration back into the community.

More than 2500 ex-soldiers were jailed last year alone according to the guardian. Alex Hagan the director of The Property Block went on to say, “I come from an impoverished area in the north-east of England with a family of ex-servicemen, some of whom suffered from mental health issues and struggled with integration back into the community, so found themselves back in prison time and time again. This issue is close to my heart.”

The Property Block’s director’s mission is to not only offer financial support to these organisations but to also provide employment placements and opportunities for those in need.

If you are interested in a position with The Property Block and you have an active interest in property development, technology, or construction please contact

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