The Property Block Set to Tackle Housing Shortage in the UK

The Property Block Set to Tackle Housing Shortage in the UK

The Property Block Ltd is a new and innovative Land Option company using pioneering technology to identify development sites in areas with demand for more housing.

The Property Block is the brainchild of Financial Advisor, Glyn Williams. It is powered by their cloud-based property acceleration platform. The team are tackling the shortage of housing in the UK by revolutionising the fragmented, time consuming and costly land identification and development process.

By positioning themselves in the one to four bed property market in prime areas and focusing on relatively small developments, The Property Block is bringing alive a huge market, helping landowners to profit and supporting the community need for more housing,

In the recent past, the Property Block has been able to identify 19,200 undeveloped sites which were ideal for residential development in Surrey alone. The Property Block has far greater aspirations however and plans to assist in the delivery of 20,000 homes per year across the UK.

Glyn Williams, founder and CEO of the company is excited to be bringing the combined knowledge of the housing market and ground-breaking technology which allows new development potentials to be identified to the UK.

Glyn said,

“Surrey is just the beginning. The Property Block is working to integrate into the Planning and Building departments of all 400 Local Authorities.

“Even at a conservative estimate of ten sites per Local Authority we are set to change the industry. To put this into perspective, each site would most likely host an average of five homes each, or 50 homes per local authority.”

He went on to say:

“We are aiming to assist the national housing crisis by providing more affordable homes whilst simultaneously protecting the Green Belt.

“We also give existing homeowners an alternative option for selling their property which may even increase its value.”

Simply put, there aren’t enough homes to meet the demand in the UK. Half a century of falling house building has created a shortfall equivalent to one million homes.

Poor productivity and a lack of investment in the right technologies means there is a gap in the market for residential development, especially when it comes to properties for young families. To resolve this conundrum the Property Block has devised a solution that is set to revolutionise the market.

It is a proposal likely to disrupt the current market by identifying land perfect for development and maximising its use.

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