Property Process

We are a fully funded company, working with innovative technology to identify development sites in areas with demand for more housing.

Develop Your Property!

1. Congratulations!

We have specifically selected your property using our cutting-edge technology. We don’t contact just anyone; we only select those who have properties that can be developed to their full potential based on planning conditions in your area. If what we have on offer is something that piques your interest, our highly qualified team have expertise in design and planning, and will use their knowledge to explore all of the development possibilities that are available to unlock the hidden value of your property.

2. We will make you an offer!

If you are interested in selling then we will make a proposal to you. All of our offers are firm and will be above-market value. These offers are based on carefully considered facts, and therefore will not change whilst you are considering your options.

3. No Fees Or Costs!

There will be no fees for you. You won’t be stung with any additional costs because we make sure that everything is covered by us; from architect’s fees to legal fees and even planning fees. This is guaranteed and will never change.

4. The Final Process.

Upon our approach regarding the potential of your property, we are already confident of success in gaining planning permission. We use the most up to date technologies available, along with our expertise in market knowledge to inform all of our decisions and processes. Once you’re ready to sell your property, we will work alongside you until the deal is complete. 

Download Our

If you are interested in an agreement to develop your home or garden please download our brochure.