Land Development

We are a fully funded company, working with innovative technology to identify development sites in areas with demand for more housing.

1. Congratulations!

We have approached you as we believe we are able to secure a planning consent on your land. Before we contacted you we ran a desk top study to check on planning applications on your land (if any) and also on land nearby. We also looked at local housing supply and demand. This due diligence ensures we select only those sites with a high probability of planning success.

2. We will make you an offer!

We take a very comprehensive approach to each planning application. This eliminates many questions that may later arise and thus avoids any delays in receiving a positive determination. Local Authorities prefer ‘fully packaged’ submissions as they can process them far quicker.

3. No Fees Or Costs!

Before we can proceed with the planning we enter into a legal agreement with you on a Subject to Planning basis. This agreement sets out the terms, timescale, and other conditions. This will be agreed upon between our solicitor and your legal representative. We cover the cost of you entering into the agreement. We also cover all the planning costs including site surveys, detailed design, professional advisors, planning fees, etc. There is absolutely no cost to you in this exercise.

4. The Final Process.

With smaller sites where we know what we can propose to the planners, we will agree to an exit value. With larger sites, we enter into a Promotion Agreement where we go for Best Use of Land to maximise returns. With the benefit of a successful determination, we agree on a new value for the land. Our agreement splits the new value of the land 80/20 in your favour. The 20% covers all our costs in this exercise and gives us a modest profit.

Are you interested in
Developing your land?

If you are interested in an agreement to develop your land please contact us.