Garden Process

The Property Block are a pioneering technology driven land option company, unlocking development land across the United Kingdom.

Develop Your Garden!

1. Congratulations!

We have specifically selected your garden using our cutting-edge technology. We don’t contact just anyone; we only select those who have outdoor spaces that can be developed to their full potential based on planning conditions in your area. If what we have on offer is something that piques your interest, our highly qualified team have expertise in design and planning and will use their knowledge to explore all of the development possibilities that are available to you to unlock the hidden value in your garden or even just a portion of your garden. There are many reasons why you should consider what we have to offer:

2. No fees to pay!

There are no fees! The Property Block will cover all architect and planning fees and will get planning permission awarded. All you have to do is agree on a price for your land and leave the rest to us.

3. We get the job done!

We have approached you having already assessed the potential that your plot holds and will use a combination of cutting edge technology and industry expertise to ensure planning success! We are even happy to work with your neighbours to minimise disruption and keep everyone happy and informed every step of the way.

Download Our

If you are interested in an agreement to develop your home or garden please download our brochure.